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Cadwell Park with BMCRC

Talan Racing - Cadwell Park Report, 27/28 April 2019

Andy Houghton #333 - Clubman1000

It was a mixed weekend for Andy on the Yamaha R1 with some great track time acheived on the Friday test day in glorious sunshine only for that to be completely irrelevant when Saturday came around and the rain set in.

Saturday's race was in the peak of the poor conditions with a torrential downpour on lap 2 of the race, this played to Andy's strengths who picked off riders lap by lap as they struggled in the slippery conditions resulting in a 4th place in class, Andy's best result of the season.

Both the races on Sunday were dry for Andy with a good performance in race 1 that saw some battles in a pack of riders, the only downer being taken back by one of the riders who has previously been passed on the last lap due to the lack of a pit board and therefore Andy not knowing there was a rider on his tail.

The final race of the weekend is best not talked about as, whist being too keen, on the first lap before tyres were properly up to temperature Andy lost the front and joined the long list of Gooseneck corner victims over the weekend. Rider is absolutely fine but the bike needs quite some work before the next outing with NGRR club at Donington on 11th/12th May.

Race 1 - Start 26 Finish 12 (4th In class)

Race 2 - Start 26 Finish 18 (8th In class)

Race 3 - Start 26 DNF

Talan Skeels-Piggins #83 - MRO600

Friday was filled with instructing duties for Talan, four rookies all eager to improve on their riding and lap times. Whilst it gives Talan great satisfaction in seeing the progression of the rookies, it doesn't always help himself to improve as he circulates at a much slower pace than usual. However, with the wet weather forecast, it wasn't going to be too much of a hinderance this time.

Saturdays wet races meant that Talan was able to pick his way forward through the riders who seem to be terrified of the damp conditions. His smooth style means the bike remains stable and he trusts the wet tyres to the job they are designed for.

Sunday had a wet and a dry race. Once again the wet track meant the other racers crept around, with Talan managing to avoid falling riders, tank-slapping riders, and debris to pick up his best result of the season. However, with a completely dry track and a brand new rear tyre on, Talan was forced to build the pace steadily on the final race. This meant he wasn’t able to get as far forward as he had hoped, but he enjoyed the sunshine and clear visibility during the race.

Thanks goes to the Team, supporters and sponsors who enable me to compete and have such an incredible freedom.

Race 1 - Start 30 Finish 16 (13th In class)

Race 2 - Start 30 Finish 14 (11th In class)

Race 3 - Start 30 Finish 12 (8th In class)

Race 4 - Start 30 Finish 16 (12th In class)

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