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Adapting the bike

This page tells you more about Disabled Motorcycle Racing.  It will highlight various adaptions to the bike and the accredited ACU pathway into racing. 


Not as much as you'd think.

Talan has worked out what needs to be adapted to the bike in order for a paraplegic to ride and race.  It is kept as simple as possible, whilst remaining safe. 


Gear shifting - an electronic solenoid is attached to the gear shifter, with thumb operated buttons on the handle bars.  This allows for up and down shifting. The unit is mainly 'plug and play' from a company called Kliktronic. 
Staying on the bike​ - Bicycle toe clips for the feet, velcro straps for the knees. Old fashioned bicycle toe clips have been added to the pegs and then covered in velcro.  The sole of the race boots have velcro added and the combination allows the feet to remain in contact with the pegs, but would come away should there be an 'off'.
Rear Brake operation - Thumb brake or K Lever 2 system. 
Not being able to use a right leg means not being able to operate the rear brake. To pass scrutineering for racing, there must be two operational brake available to the racer. Therefore the racers chose either a thumb brake located on the left hand fork, or a K Lever 2 system as show in the picture to the right.
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