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Castle Combe Race report

Castle Combe Report

The weekend of 21/22 June saw Talan Racing attend the two day motorcycle race meeting at Castle Combe, with North Gloucester Road Racing (NGRR). The circuit has special meaning to Talan as it was the venue that saw him get back on a motorcycle having been paralysed. The staff and instructors helped Talan to overcome the difficulties that paralysis has for riding two wheels, then it became home to The Bike Experience charity in 2011.

Saturday began with a much needed free practice. Due to time constraints and work commitments, the Team had not been able to make a track day at the circuit to sort out gearing, set up and re-acquaint themselves with the whole layout. Within a few laps, Talan had remembered his way around and was dropping in lap times. The plan was to try and get as close to the previous years lap times as possible. At the same race last year, Talan had been doing regular track days and his confidence was high. This year is all about rebuilding that confidence after the near fatal accident last August.

The weekend had a number of positives for the Team. The first was a two day meeting at the circuit and the second was that NGRR had allowed Talan to race in the Pre-Injection 700’s & 1300’s as well, which meant another possible four races. He wouldn’t be scoring any points in the extra races, but it was valuable experience in starts and racing against more powerful machines.

In all the races on Saturday, Talan proved to be quick off the mark and quick on the opening lap. In one race alone he managed to overtake 15 other bikes on the first lap, something that surprised the riders and officials alike. The same went for Sunday, with lap times coming down to the 1min 25.8sec best set last year, and then dropping into the low 1.25’s before finally being taken to 1min 24.2sec. Confidence has certainly been restored!

The performance put in by Talan and the Team was recognised by the officials of the NGRR with the ‘Performance of the Meeting’ Award being presented to Talan after the final Minitwin race of the weekend. Another bonus from the weekend was the appearance, at the Talan Racing tent, of none other than John McGuiness, who popped in to chat with Talan and find out a little bit more about the bike and how someone who’s paralysed can still ride.

Talan Racing would like to thank McMillan Williams Solicitors for their support and title sponsorship this season. North Gloucester Road Racing for welcoming the team to their club and race meet. As well as: HELD Rider Equipment, A&R Racing, Lemonade Screenprinting, R&G Protection, Pipewerx, Nevis Marketing and all those who continue to support Talan Racing.

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