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Cadwell Park

August 13, 2018


Cadwell Park Race Report


This weekend saw the team racing at the beautiful Cadwell Park. Not a circuit suited to the two riders, they were determined to improve on their previous best lap times and enjoy the fabulous conditions.


With Talan instructing two rookies on Friday morning and Andy out for testing, there was a constant need for a rider to launched/caught/monitored, with the bikes coming back in for re-fueling and checking on a regular basis. The team worked well, Talan’s rookies improved and Andy began to feel settled into the track. The heat played a part in the afternoon, with Talan managing just one session before having to stop, he’s done seven full sessions so it wasn't a bad day on track! Andy changed tyres for a session and bedded them in, then called it a day, after positive testing day.


Both Talan and Andy had similar races in the their main classes. The fast pace would mean the riders would get past one or two slower riders, and then spend the rest of the race a short distance behind the next quickest riders, essentially circulating alone, which meant they were able to focus on smooth, consistent riding. Both the boys managed to drop their lap times and improved on PB. Andy down to 1.41s and Talan into 1.42s. Then the riders shared the CBR600F to go and have fun in the Thunderbike Sport race. Starting at the back they would see how far through the pack they could get by the end of the race, and which racer was the quickest - yes, they are extremely competitive! Talan managed to get four places higher but Andy was 0.1sec faster on the fastest lap….a victory for both!


Sunday morning was a chance for the racers to improve and push as hard as they could. Talan was first out, and with the slower riders dispatched quickly, he was able to latch onto the back of the slightly faster riders and dropped down in the 1.41s. A great result for him and he began to show improved confidence in getting over the Mountain. Andy did exactly the same and really went for it, resulting in an incredible performance and a 1.39.6 lap. Such was the effort that he managed to wear out the toe slider on his left boot! The second races were just as hard fought but the tyres were old and past their best, so when pushed they started sliding and the riders were both 0.8sec slower than the morning, which was still very respectable lap times. The Thunderbike Sport challenge was very close, with Andy and Talan both getting to 14th overall and 11th in class, but Talan managing the faster lap time this outing. 


All in all a brilliant weekend, with the entire team performing well. There were also visitors to the team who enjoyed their time learning about the bikes and the team. Next racing for the team is over 25/26 August, Andy is at Snetterton with BMCRC and Talan heads to Mugello for the second round of the World Championships.


Talan Skeels-Piggins #83

MRO600 and Thunderbike Sport

“A very positive weekend for me. I find the circuit enjoyable but extremely hard work, especially the second sector with the Mountain, Halls Bends, Hairpin and Barn. Trying to get through that section just using your arms is hard, hard work. I managed to drop five seconds off my previous best with the GSXR, so am really pleased. The confidence will take me forwards to the next race which is really important for the World Championship title hopes.”


Andy Houghton #333

Clubman1000 and Thunderbike Sport

“Cadwell Park was a testing weekend for me.  I knew the track was a challenge but muscling the ZX10r around in the heat and the slightly longer races was physically very tiring. On the positive side I managed to improve my lap time down to the 1.39s which I was very happy with but it seemed this kind of pace wasn't too sustainable as I suffered with fatigue and numbness in my brake hand which meant I was having to back off in the final laps. A few of the racer who I normally battle with did not make the long trip up to Lincolnshire for this round so I found myself attempting to step up onto the next pack's pace, I hope that I benefitted from that and look forward to reaping the rewards when I line up against some more familiar opposition in 3 weeks at Snetterton. “




Talan Skeels-Piggins #83


Race 1 Start 24  Finish 19  Class 9 Race 2 Start 24   Finish 18   Class 9

Race 3 Start 24  Finish 16  Class 8 Race 4 Start 23   Finish 18   Class 9


Thunderbike Sport

Race 1 Start 32  Finish 16  Class 13 Race 3 Start 32  Finish 14  Class 11



Andy Houghton #333


Race 1 Start 24  Finish 20 Class 13 Race 2 Start 23   Finish 18   Class 11

Race 3 Start 22  Finish 16  Class 11


Thunderbike Sport

Race 2 Start 32  Finish 20  Class 16 Race 4 Start 31  Finish 14  Class 11

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