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Speed Attempt - a new adventure

As something a bit different whilst pushing the boundaries of motorsport, we are now embarking on a journey to set a Land Speed record for a paralysed motorcyclist. Myself, Dan and Will are taking apart a 2002 Suzuki Hayabusa, cleaning it, replacing certain parts and then putting it back together for an attempt at setting a speed record. Why bother? Why not borrow a bike? - because it is the journey that enriches the end result. Seeing the fruits of your labour come into existance is a far greater thing than simply being handed a bike to go out and try it. That's for those with no drive and determination, for those who lack commitment and conviction of their own effort. We might fail, but at least we are trying. Who knows where this could lead to......the salt flats of Bonneville if I have anything to do with it!!

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